Receptionist Jobs in Canada – New Vacancies

Some people like to interact and communicate with others in a more better and proper way. Believe me, a Receptionist Job may suit them pretty well if they are searching for one in the market.

In today’s topic, we have shortlisted multiple Receptionist Jobs in Canada for foreigners. There is no doubt that Canadian markets pay decent salary rates, insurance, and other job benefits.

Let’s move forward toward these jobs. Keep in mind that the application link for every job is mentioned in the third paragraph of every job. Carefully read the criteria before submitting the job request.

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Receptionist Jobs in Canada

1: Receptionist

CityCold Lake
ExperienceMinimum Required
Job TypeFull-Time
Salary$23 an Hour

Lakeland Inn is looking for an individual to hire him/her as a Receptionist. The company will prefer individuals with decent communication skills and good-looking personalities.

The job description for this position includes greeting visitors, guiding them accordingly, answering phone calls, providing relevant services, and scheduling meetings or appointments.

If you want to work for Lakeland Inn in the position of receptionist. Do click on this link, and follow the procedures accordingly. You will be responded back accordingly by authorities.

2: Receptionist

Job TypeFull-Time
Salary$17 an Hour

Town & Country Tax Consultants has opened its hiring slots for the vacant position of Receptionist. They will prefer individuals with relevant experience, decent communication skills, and personality.

Day-to-day job duties will include, managing daily tasks like greeting visitors, guiding them according to their queries, receiving telephone calls, and scheduling meetings and appointments.

If you are eligible for this job position, do click on this link and submit your application. Once your application is submitted, you will contact back by the company as per their schedule.

3: Receptionist

Experience1 to 2 Years
Job TypeFull-Time
Salary$20 an Hour

Ground6 Consultancy Services Inc. is currently hiring individuals for the position of Receptionist. If you have decent communication skills and good looking personality, then don’t miss the chance.

Selected individuals will be assigned tasks like guiding visitors, answering their relevant queries, attending phone calls, responding to emails, and reporting updates to the manager regularly.

In order to apply for this job position, do click on this official link. Follow the mentioned criteria to fill out the form and submit it to the authorities. Once approved, you will be contacted back by the company.

4: Receptionist

CityPrince Albert
Experience1 to 2 Years
Job TypeFull-Time

PAGC Health Dept. has published a job ad for the empty position of Receptionist. An individual with some experience, good communication skills, and a decent personality will be preferred.

Core job responsibilities for this position will be to greet the customers/visitors, guide them properly, introduce services to them, attend calls, respond to emails, and schedule different meetings.

Click on this official link to apply for this job position at PAGB Health Dept. Carefully read the criteria before submitting your application otherwise it will be rejected.

5: Receptionist

Job TypeFull-Time
Salary$16 an Hour

Conroy Investments Ltd is searching for an active and energetic individual to hire for the position of Receptionist. Good communication skills and a decent personality are key to success in this job.

The notable job duties for this position are greeting visitors, guiding them about the services, responding to emails, attending calls, and reporting updates to the management.

Well, here is the official link that will lead you to the application page of the job. Fill out the form and submit it to the related authorities for further processes and procedures.

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