Cleaner Jobs in Canada – Latest Vacancies

We have shortlisted some of the best cleaner job opportunities in Canada for foreigners. If you are searching for the same opportunity, then don’t miss reading the entire post.

These Cleaner Jobs are offering a decent pay rate, food, accommodation, medical, and transport. Long working relations with the company may lead you towards promotions and other benefits.

NOTE: The application link for every job is mentioned in the third paragraph of every job. Carefully follow the requirements and criteria in the form before submitting it to the relevant company.

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Cleaner Jobs in Canada

1: Cleaner

Job TypeFull-Time
Salary$20.23 Per Hour

Fairmont Empress Hotel is searching for an individual to hire as a full-time cleaner. Applicant should have relevant experience, active and flexible abilities to work under pressure hours.

His day-to-day job responsibilities will include, performing cleaning tasks, changing bed sheets, and vacuuming carpets. Picking and emptying trash bins is also part of the duties.

If you want to apply for this job position, do click on this official link. Follow the steps carefully and submit your application to the management. You will be responded back accordingly by them.

2: Cleaner

Job TypeFull-Time
Salary$17.10 Per Hour

Aldin Cleaning Service Ltd has posted a job ad for the vacant position of Cleaner. It is a full-time position that required a minimum experience along with the facility to get trained by seniors.

Once you will be get hired, management will assign you tasks like cleaning, dusting, emptying dust bins, and vacuuming carpets in areas like rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and on floors.

You can apply for this job position simply by clicking on this mentioned link. After the submission of your job request, the company will contact you back as per their schedule.

3: Office Cleaner

Job TypeFull-Time
Salary$17–$19 an Hour

Ardent Group INC is looking for an active and energetic individual to join them as an Office Cleaner. The applicant should have relevant experience along with flexible working abilities.

The core job duties for this position include doing cleaning work in rooms, kitchen, and washrooms. Dusting, vacuuming carpets, and cleaning the glass of windows and tables is also part of the duty.

In order to apply for this job position, do click on this official link. Follow the steps and criteria carefully and then submit your application to the relevant authorities at Ardent Group INC.

4: Cleaner

Job TypeFull-Time
SalaryMarket Standard

McDonald’s Ottawa, Canada has opened up its hiring slots for the position of a full-time cleaner. They will prefer individuals with some relevant experience, and active and energetic working abilities.

The job description for this position includes cleaning and sweeping the assigned areas, like the guests’ area, staff room, kitchen, etc. Reporting to supervisors is also part of the duties.

Here is the official link to apply for the cleaner job position at McDonald’s Ottawa. Fill out the form carefully and submit your application to the related authorities.

5: Cleaner

CityNew Minas
Job TypeFull-Time
Salary$14.00–$15.50 an Hour

Massiahs Cleaning is hiring individuals for the position of cleaner. They are prioritizing active and energetic applicants to work for them in a better learning environment.

The major job duties for this designation are to perform cleaning operations, dusting, disinfecting the floors, cleaning windows and glass, and vacuuming the carpets.

If you are eligible to join Massiahs Cleaning as a cleaner, do click on this link and follow the procedures accordingly. The company will contact you back for further procedures.

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